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Welcome to the range of Ruption BMX completes which offers the best value-for-money they've ever been able to offer! Consider this;

* BETTER SPEC - Friction/Motion/Vector now feature sealed hubs front and rear!
* BETTER LOOKING - all 20" models available in either black frame with coloured rims, or coloured-frame with tan-wall tyre option. They've never looked better!
* BETTER VALUE - ALL models now 25/9-geared, INCLUDING the Force at just £179.99 AND the 16" and 18" models!
Sealed cassette hubs, tan-wall tyres, micro-gearing under £200...they are remarkably proud of these bikes and they feel they have responded to the shifting trends of the industry by scrutinising value-for-money which BMXs need to offer in there tough economic times!

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